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Empowering Mining Excellence, Responsibly

Rocksure International Limited stands as a distinguished Ghanaian-owned mining services firm with over 14 years of valuable experience. Our core expertise lies in Load and Haul, Drill and Blast, and Equipment Rental services, reaching not only within Ghana's borders but also beyond. With a robust fleet of over 150 units of heavy-duty equipment, we are well-equipped to take on a multitude of mining projects.

Beyond the realm of business, Rocksure's commitment extends far into the domains of sustainability, local community engagement, and the utmost Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) standards. This commitment serves as the bedrock of our operations, reflecting our deep responsibility towards the environment and the communities we are privileged to serve.

Our engagement transcends the boundaries of equipment and projects; it encompasses the nurturing of local talent. We take immense pride in fostering the growth of skills and expertise within the regions we operate. By empowering local individuals, we not only contribute to our own prosperity but also to the flourishing of the communities we collaborate with.

Recognised as a trusted partner for a diverse array of mining operations, we hold unwavering standards for responsible practices and unwavering quality. When you choose Rocksure, you're not just selecting a service provider – you're forging a partnership that places ethics, quality, and the collective vision of a sustainable future at the forefront.

Health & Safety

At Rocksure International, we place the utmost importance on the well-being of our stakeholders. By prioritising robust health and safety measures, we not only ensure the welfare of our employees and partners, but also enhance our reputation as a trusted leader in responsible mining. Join us in fostering a safe and productive environment, where care and well-being are the cornerstones of our success.

Key information

Employees across project sites.

Advanced technology is employed in mining operations to enhance performance and maximize output.

A Wholly owned Ghanaian Company.

Units of Heavy Mining Equipment.


Nyinahin Block B Bauxite Project

Rocksure International Limited is partnering with GIADEC to construct a bauxite mine and refinery in block B of Nyinahin, Ghana. The project aims to promote sustainable mining practices and add value to Ghana's mineral resources, particularly in the high-demand aluminum market. This is the first of three blocks in the area being developed for their bauxite resources, and it has the potential for significant economic benefits to the local community and the growth of Ghana's mining industry.




No. 4 Addis Ababa Street

East Legon, Accra

P.O. Box AN 12846, Accra-North


Visiting hours: 8 am to 5 pm Mondays to Fridays

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