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We strive on a solid mining record

Rocksure International Limited is a Ghanaian-owned mining services company with over 14 years of experience in providing Load and Haul, Drill and Blast, and Equipment Rental services to mining sites in Ghana and overseas. The company has a large fleet of over 150 units of heavy-duty equipment, and an experienced team of staff to ensure quality service delivery.

In addition to its mining services, Rocksure International Limited is committed to promoting sustainability and supporting local participation in the mining industry, while ensuring compliance with Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) standards. The company achieves this by implementing HSE policies and practices to minimize risks and environmental impacts, as well as prioritizing the hiring and training of local staff.


With its expertise, equipment, commitment to sustainability and local participation, and adherence to HSE standards, Rocksure International Limited is a valuable partner for any mining operation seeking reliable, high-quality, and responsible services.

Key information

Employees across project sites.

Advanced technology is employed in mining operations to enhance performance and maximize output.

A Wholly owned Ghanaian Company.

Units of Heavy Mining Equipment.

Our projects

Edikan Gold Mine Project

Rocksure International Limited has been providing Load and Haul, Drill and Blast services for Perseus' Edikan gold mining project in Ayanfuri, Ghana since 2015. The project produces 4 million bcm annually and generates economic benefits for the community while contributing to Ghana's mining industry.

Nyinahin Block B Bauxite Project

Rocksure International Limited is partnering with GIADEC to construct a bauxite mine and refinery in block B of Nyinahin, Ghana. The project aims to promote sustainable mining practices and add value to Ghana's mineral resources, particularly in the high-demand aluminum market. This is the first of three blocks in the area being developed for their bauxite resources, and it has the potential for significant economic benefits to the local community and the growth of Ghana's mining industry.

Rocksure International Limited

No. 4, Addis Ababa Road
East Legon, Accra
P. O. Box AN 12846, Accra - North



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